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No More Phone Orders! How I Switched to a Flat-Rate Online Ordering System (and Saved a Ton)


Ok, so the photo is not me, you really don't want to see what I look like or you wouldn't read any further! You'll just have to picture me in your mind.

The Challenge of Managing Orders

Juggling phone orders at my burger and pizza restaurant was becoming harder and harder to manage. Missed calls, frustrated customers, and mountains of handwritten paper orders even I couldn't read sometimes  – it was a never-ending cycle.

Searching for a Solution

Desperately seeking a better solution, I went online and Googled everything. I went through a ton of different food ordering systems. Long story short, I found the perfect platform, it did everything I needed and then some.

Benefits of the New System

Unlike those third-party apps with their sky-high commissions, this system offered a flat rate, saving me a bundle. Plus, the best part? A free, no-obligation trial! I could test-drive the system risk-free, and if it wasn't a perfect fit, I could walk away.

Innovations and Experiments

The system wasn't just about online ordering. In one of my restaurants, we even experimented with QR codes for table ordering – a huge success!

Simple Yet Effective Features

While the online table reservation feature wasn't quite there yet, a simple form on our website did the trick.

Additional Services for Restaurants

But the real bonus? For restaurants without websites, the system built one for them, complete with online ordering and a sleek, professional look – all at a crazy affordable price.

Conclusion and Invitation

For years now, I've seen the power of online ordering transform restaurants like mine. Now, I want to help you achieve the same success.

Getting Started

Get yourself going for free to see how you like it. Create a login and off you go, no credit card needed. Or start here to learn more about the system.

Meet my fab team who help me with the online ordering system

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My Vision

I want to empower restaurants of all sizes with a seamless and affordable online ordering system, freeing them from the burden of third-party commissions and outdated processes. I imagine a world where restaurants can thrive online, regardless of their technical expertise, with a system that puts customer satisfaction and increased revenue first.