Restaurant Online Ordering System & Food Delivery App

Free online ordering system works on any restaurant or cafe website, zero commissions, unlimited online orders, no contracts. Create an online ordering menu for pick up and or delivery in minutes.
Restaurant Online Ordering System

Online Ordering System

Works on any restaurant website

Demo the system

See how online ordering works

Restaurant Menu

See how an online menu looks

Online ordering platform for restaurants and small business

Great for pizza ordering system, takeaway ordering, food ordering, online food delivery system or pickup at your restaurant. Especially handy for Indian restaurants and Thai restaurants that offer takeaways and delivery options.
Free online ordering system for restaurants
Online ordering system with pickup & delivery. Comes with a food delivery app.
Order your coffee online
Fast food ordering system for pizza, takeaway or pickup coffee, Thai and Indian restaruants.
Apples from the orchard for ordering online for pickup or delivery
Home delivery & order pickup made easy for fruit and veg shops.
Online ordering for butchers and butcher shops
Online order system ready in advance for pickup or delivery

Here's how easy it is to add online ordering to your restaurant website in just a few minutes…

Just fill in your restaurant profile and menu then add the “See MENU & Order" button on your website.

You can either add simple HTML code (generated by the system) or install the WordPress Plugin and add a shortcode to any page anywhere on your website.

Or we can do it all for you!

Online ordering on mobile, tablet or desktop
Sell from your Facebook page with online ordering

2 click install to start selling from your Facebook page with online ordering…

Increase sales by adding your online ordering menu to your Facebook page.

It's super quick and easy, in fact, it'll take you less than a couple of minutes to integrate online ordering. This feature is included for free.

No website, no  worries, with a small upgrade you'll have one…

To offer online ordering, your business will need a website. For a (very) small monthly fee you'll have your own stunning website with the online ordering system integrated, created for you in minutes!

If you don't like this one, upgrade again to a custom website for a little bit more.

Add online ordering to your own website

Creating your online menu is super easy & requires no technical skills

Even complex menus will work. As a bonus, the online ordering system comes with some great photos built-in for free use.

Extra toppings, sides, different sizes, unlimited number of items are all easy to add with drag and drop. If your menu is large and you don't have time to do it yourself, I can quote for the work.

Install the free app & get online order notifications on your phone…

Each time an order is placed you'll get a (loud) notification on your smartphone or tablet. Just click “Accept" and the order is underway.

Receiving orders on an app is extremely useful, plus you can have more than one phone or tablet connected.

The instant confirmation email sent to your customer is very professional and easy to read.

Online ordering app for food pickup and delivery

Print orders straight to your thermal printer…

Online orders will be automatically printed right after you accept them directly from the App.

Also comes with an editor to easily change the layout of the receipt to suit your business.

Replace, swap, accentuate, add or remove sections of the restaurant order system receipt. Use instant “Preview" to see the changes.

Comes with a packing check list all included! Click on the image to enlarge and see the whole receipt.

Here's how you get paid for your online orders…

You'll need to sign up for a free Stipe account. This will enable you to take credit card payments online. The normal card fees apply. It'll take 24 hours to get fully verified.

Stripe payout directly to your own bank account every 3rd or 4th day. Refunds are super easy too. 

Multiple currency options will work for your menu, no matter what country you're from.

*Note: this is a (cheap) paid add-on. The Free forever plan includes “Cash on pickup" or “Pay by card on pickup" options only.

No need for old style .pdf menus anymore…

Replace those clumsy .pdf menus on your website with slick online ones that are always up to date. Every time you make a change to your menu your website will automatically be updated as well.

Click here to see how it looks for real.

Get your own branded app

Give your customers an even better online ordering experience with your very own branded app on their smartphone or tablet.

Includes app store listings with your logo branding.

*Note: this is a paid add-on.

Promotions fully integrated with online ordering…

The free online ordering system includes a built-in restaurant promotion module so you can create great deals for new or returning customers.

These will appear like banners at the top of your online restaurant menu, to make it easier for customers to find them and place an order.

Lots of great built in promo templates to choose from.

Free table reservations system included

Integrates perfectly into your website. Accept table reservations on the app in real time.

Why use any other table booking software when this one is completely free, no setup or commissions.

Comes with the free online ordering system.

Sell your menu even when you're closed…

With the integrated “Order ahead” feature your guests can now order food in advance. Never miss a sale even when you're closed. Also works with the “Table Reservation” feature, guests can book a table in advance and even order what they want before they arrive.

  • Reduced waiting time
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher profits for you: you’ll make $$$ before your guest comes through the door

Free restaurant ordering app for your customers

Want to be easily found by your customers? FoodBooking is a marketplace app, featuring an exclusive list of restaurants that use this online ordering system.

Join our virtual food court with integrated mobile ordering. Best part? No commissions.

Who am I?…

Hi, my name's Sandra, I live in Central Otago, New Zealand, and work from my home office. With the help of a small team I own and manage this online ordering system for restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and businesses.

With Covid-19, you'll need to add a proven online ordering system to your restaurant website now. 

Support is based here in New Zealand, jump on chat or phone me with any questions. Hope you take advantage of it, you'll get more sales for your business in these crazy times. I'm sure it will help.


Happy Clients

Adding online ordering to my clients websites has increased their sales making them very happy and me too!
Since switching our website to online ordering in March 2020, our orders have exploded, plus the value of each one is much bigger than in our shop.
Peirce Orchard
The Orchard Shop
Peirce Orchard
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Angelina Johnson
Sales Manager
Angelina Johnson
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Gabriel Townsend
Web Developer
Gabriel Townsend

Online ordering add-ons for your business

Choose to stay on the FREE plan forever, no credit card required or upgrade.
FREE Forever
  • Online Ordering System
  • Unlimited locations
  • Payment by Cash or card on pickup only
  • Easy menu management
  • Add HTML to integrate to your website or a WordPress plugin
  • Install the App on your phone or tablet
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Use promotions
  • No commission per order, no monthly fee, no contracts, no credit card required, no setup fee


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Instant Website
  • One location or multi
  • Online Ordering already integrated
  • (doesn't include a domain name)
  • Your own login
  • Payment by cash or card on pickup only
  • Easy menu management
  • Install the App on your phone or tablet
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Use promotions
  • No commission per order, no contracts, no setup fee

$9 USD p/m

Buy Now
Payments online
  • Online Ordering System
  • Unlimited locations
  • Payment by credit card online
  • Your own admin login
  • Easy menu management
  • Add HTML to integrate to your website or a WordPress plugin
  • Install the App on your phone or tablet
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Use promotions
  • No commission per order, no contracts, no setup fee

$29 USD p/m

Custom Website
  • Custom WordPress website
  • Online Ordering already integrated
  • Comes with a domain name included
  • Online payments by credit card
  • Easy menu management
  • Install the App on your phone or tablet
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Use promotions
  • No commission per order, no contracts, no setup fee

$49 USD p/m

Contact me
Branded App
  • Your own branded app
  • Installed on your customers smartphones or tablets
  • Make ordering quick and easy.
  • Your app is included in the app store with your logo branding.

$59 USD p/m